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Joining a club is a great way to get the most out of your cycling. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a complete beginner, there is nothing better than riding with like-minded cyclists to develop your skills and challenge yourself. Full instructions on how to join Spires CC and how to get a Cycling Ireland licence can be found in the Useful Information section below.

After a couple of club runs you may decide to join. There is a small annual club fee for all members. In addition to the club fee all members are required to hold a Cycling Ireland Licence. There is a range of licences available from leisure to full competitive racing. See here for a full list of 2018 Cycling Ireland prices.

£20 p/year Club Membership

The benefits of Spires CC Club membership.

  • Meet new friends
  • Find new cycling routes
  • Better training
  • Motivation to cycle
  • Learn from an experienced club
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£50 p/year Cycling Ireland Leisure

As a leisure cyclist you need to have the correct insurance. This is provided by Cycling Ireland. The benefits of membership are:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Access to members areas
  • Ireland event calendar
  • Bike insurance scheme
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£45 - £122 Cycling Ireland Racer

As a racer you need to have the correct insurance. This is provided by Cycling Ireland.The benefits of membership are:

  • All the Leisure benefits
  • Enter competitive events
  • Compete in inter club racing
  • Well marshaled and managed events
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Useful Information
  • New club riders
    Spires CC welcome all new riders and the club runs are open to all to come along and try out. After one or two cycle rides with the club you will be able to make a decision whether or not to join Spires Cycling Club. Should you chose to join you should proceed to confirm your club membership and purchase a Cycling Ireland license. Follow the guides in this section to complete the process. If you need further help please contact a  Committee Member.
  • How to apply to Cycling Ireland for membership
    1. Step 1 – Get in touch with the Spires CC Club Secretary to arrange payment of the relevant Club membership fee only £20 per year.
    2. Step 2 – Decide on the category / type of Cycling Ireland licence you require (see list of categories and prices)
    3. Step 3 – Go to and select the ‘Registration’ link for new members or ‘Login’ link for renewing members.  Remember to list yourself as attached to Spires Cycling Club.  Complete your licence application.
    4. Step 4 – Cycling Ireland will e-mail the Club Secretary asking them to approve your licence application.  Once your application is approved by the Club Secretary you will receive a further e-mail inviting you to make the relevant payment.
    5. Step 5 – You can then proceed to pay the Cycling Ireland fee on line using Paystripe (no cheques or cash option).
    6. Step 6 – You are then a member of Cycling Ireland and Spires Cycling Club – all insurance and other benefits will then apply.
    7. Step 7 – Your Cycling Ireland licence card will be delivered directly to you unless you request it to be delivered via the Club Secretary.
    8. More instructions and guidance on the Cycling Ireland membership application process can be found at:
  • Paying your annual membership fee
    So you have decided to join our merry bunch of cyclists! That is great news!  All members pay a  nominal annual fee that facilitates the smooth running of the club. The money goes to supporting club events such as sportives, races and marketing activities.
    The best way to pay for your annual membership fee is through Paypal. You should make your payment to [email protected] Please remember to pay make this a gift payment to avoid the club incurring a payment fee. Paypal is our preferred method of payment. Please contact a Committee Member should you wish to pay using a different method.
    If you join Spires CC on or after 1 November, your initial membership runs until the end of December the following year (as per Cycling Ireland Technical Rules Jan 2014, G1.5). Otherwise it runs from the date of joining until the end of December the same year.
  • Cycling Ireland Fees
    Follow this link to find the  2018 Cycling Ireland membership / licence categories and fees applicable to Spires Cycling Club members.
  • Why you need Cycling Ireland Membership
    1. Club members are required to take a Cycling Ireland licence prior to participating in club calendar events and regular club runs. Please see the registration and payment process for Cycling Ireland on this page.The key benefit of joining Cycling Ireland and having a Cycling Ireland licence is the insurance provided.  You will be covered for personal injury and third party damage / liability.  This cover also extends to training.  Please see the Cycling Ireland website FAQ page for more information.
  • Cycling Ireland licence renewal
    1. Cycling Ireland membership is valid from 1st January - 31st December irrespective of the date of payment.
  • Learn more
    Feel free to contact a Committee member by mail, on Facebook or by phone to learn more about Spires Cycling Club. We look forward to hearing from you.